Students leave the Sakya Academy at the age of 18, to succeed studies at Buddhist universities, but also can choose lay life, and are so prepared with an excellent education as a perfect base for their further life.

Whether modern knowledge or Buddhist teaching, the children‘s thirst for knowledge and their curiosity is nearly insatiably. The progress that they do, is deeply touching and inspiring, for all who work at or for the school.

The children will be a new generation of highly educated adults who have internalized Buddhist thinking and acting with Buddha's teachings, and with a good character will be able to lead others.



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The leadings team dedication gives rise to passionate co-operation by each and every one. At the moment, the school houses approximately 200 students, who often, have few pre-requisites, if they are newcomers.

Elder students of  the monastery of  Sakya Center in Dehradun, are experienced in memorizing Buddhist texts as a prerequisite, for they are bound in the strict rules of the monastery, but relatively little instruction in Tibetan, Hindi, English and mathematics. At first they need to learn reading and writing properly.

The students are aged between 4 and 17. The school starts with kindergarten, and grades 1 to 4.After opening of the Academy in 2016 the second year started in April 2017.


Help the young monks to develop their potential to make the world a better place!


The founder of the Academy H.E. Khondung Gyana Vajra Rinpoche, younger son of His Holiness 41. Sakya Trizin, manifested with this school his vision of a modern school education based on traditional Tibetan Buddhism. Many years ago we had the chance, in many conversations with him, to get to know his vision of a modern school for monks and nuns and support the planning and construction of the academy right from the beginning.

The director of the Academy is H.E. Dagmo Sonam Palkyi Sakya. She is a Tibetan Lady,born in Switzerland. Her family belongs to a high Lama family tradition who had some accomplished masters brought up. Since 2008 Her Eminence is the wife of H.E. Gyana Vajra Rinpoche. Both live next to the academy and they are for the children like both father and mother as well as often teachers. Her Eminence takes her time to listen to the children 's worries and needs in individual talks and simply represents a mother' s place.

The head of the academy, Mrs. Tsering Chodon,is experienced as an English teacher for many years and as we could see during our visit organized everything very well.Being very enthusiastic about her job,she told us that the teachers who live on the school ground often spend their free time with the students.

The children live in the boarding school  and are supervised by elder monks of the Sakya Center.







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All Children

come from poor Tibetan refugee families, who never will be able to pay for such an education. They receive from the Academy: Education, food, dresses, shoes and health care.

The children’s feel hugely privileged, and they work very hard and diligently. The Academy needs your support for going on with education of the children

Help us by supporting one of the children:

1 month: Rs.2750 / US$ 43 / 40,50 €

6 months: Rs.16500 / US$ 256 / 241 €

1 year: Rs. 33000 / US$ 512 / 481,50 €


The Teachers

give their best to the children’s education. The Academy needs your help to pay the salary of the teachers.

Help us pay one teacher’s salary:

1 week: Rs 3750 / US$ 55 / 52 €

1 month: Rs 15000 / US$ 220 / 207 €

6 months: Rs 90000 / US$ 1324 / 1245 €

1 year: Rs 180000 / US$ 2648 / 2490 €



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The Children

work as hard and as much as they can do, but they need basic school materials.

Not all textbooks, especially workbooks, can be used again. New ones will be needed, also for the next higher classes, along with internet and school-materials, notebooks, design-paper, pencils, colored pencils, craft materials etc.

The children get adequate to their age small pocket money to fulfil themselves a little wish.  

Help us to provide classroom materials for one child:

1 month: Rs 280 / US$ 4.30 / 4,05 €

6 months: Rs 1687 / US$ 26 / 24,45 €

1 year: Rs 3370 / US$ 52 / 48,90 €

We should not forget the Cooks, Cleaning and the Maintenance staff, without them the Academy could not work. A big amount is financed by Rinpoche and his wife themselves.

Please help us with your donation/money transfer order to the account:

Bank: Sparkasse Wuppertal: Sakya Centre e.V.

  • IBAN: DE 20 3305 0000 0000 409839,  BIC/ Swift: WUPSDE33XXX

Please let us know if you will need a donation receipt!

Any amount is truly appreciated!

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New Special Project 2017/2018: Library for the students

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The heartfelt Sakya-Academy-project’s wish is now the creation of a space where the children have the opportunity to discover the joy of reading and of deepening their understanding of the world that they live in. 

The aim is to provide the students with an array of tools for learning. This includes both fiction and non-fiction books, reference material, magazines and newspapers. In addition, computers to enhance and deepen the children's learning experience.

The library needs:

10 bookshelves at Rs 10,000 per piece (US$ 155, € 132 each)

1,500 books at Rs 45,000 (US$ 700, € 594)

1 magazine and newspaper stand at Rs 10,000 (US$ 155, € 132)

3 computers at Rs 40,000 per piece (US$ 620, € 526 each)

1 counter for the librarian at Rs 12,000 (US$ 185, € 157)

1 computer for the librarian at Rs 40,000 (US$ 620, € 526)

1 round table and 10 small chairs for KG & Class 1 reading corner at Rs 22,000 (US$ 340, € 289)

2 rectangular tables and 20 chairs for older students at total Rs 50,000 (US$ 775, € 658)

Help us with the donation. Every amount helps!


Project for 2017: Computer Lab - now ready to study!    

With generous donations the Computer Lab became reality.

A heartful thanks to all sponsors!!!

Please go on in supporting the children of the Sakya-Academy

with your generous help!


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