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Program April 2024

From 05.04.2024-07.04.2024, we will catch up with the Vajrayogini Drubchen!

A Drubchen is a powerful practice of transformation in this degenerate age.

It is said to act as a remedy against the negative forces in the world and promote inner personal peace, peace within the community and world peace.

Please register in good time so that we can plan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Everyone can participate, even those who do not have the practice authorization.

They will then do their own practice while we recite the Vajrayogini practice.


A donation of 35€ for the weekend would be appreciated!




Sakya Kalden Ling, Buddhistisches Zentrum Frankfurt

Linkstraße 66 - 65933 Frankfurt – Griesheim - -

Tel. 069 / 95637237 


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