Who wants to become a member of Sakya Jetsun Foundation e.V., can  download the membership application form in PDF format.

This can be sent to the Buddhist center Frankfurt by mail or delivered personally. We are happy to answer any questions about membership in person or by phone.


... Are very important and very welcome.

The data for our account details for donations and membership fees are:

Jetsun Sakya Foundation e.V.

  • Account number:  310904
  • Bank code:  33050000
  • Bank:  Sparkasse Wuppertal           
  • IBAN:  DE79 3305 0000 0000 3109 04   
  • BIC:  WUPSDE33

    A huge thank you to all donors !!!


Sakya Kalden Ling & Jetsun Sakya Foundation e.V.
Linkstraße 66
65933 Frankfurt – Griesheim
Phone 069 / 95637237
Mail: info@sakya-foundation.de