Since time immemorial, thanks to the spirit of generosity on the part of teachers and students, free from financial interests, Buddhist teachings have been able to provide access to the teachings of the Buddhist tradition to many people.
In the spirit of this ancient Buddhist tradition, the Dharma teachings and initiations are imparted on a donation basis. Our center is therefore solely for the practice and transmission of the Dharma and is funded purely by donations and volunteer labor.

The participation for the teachings is free!

We would be very grateful for your donations!
Bank account: Jetsun Sakya Foundation e.V.

Sparkasse Wuppertal, Islandufer 15,

42103 Wuppertal, Germany

IBAN: DE79 3305 0000 3109 04

Thank you for your understanding and kind help!



Sakya Kalden Ling & Jetsun Sakya Foundation e.V.
Linkstraße 66
65933 Frankfurt – Griesheim
Phone 069 / 95637237


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